Drawing with pen and ink

Pocket Brush

Pocket Brush

I discovered a great new drawing tool. It's called a Pocket Brush and it's sort of a calligraphy brush. But instead of using ink from a pot, this one works with cartridges, so you don't have to dip your brush in ink contstantly. Before, I used to work with fineliner -which I still use- but this pen gives a great variety of thick and thin lines, which I appreciate very much. Below are some drawings where I used this magic pen.


This little fox is drawn wih the Pocket Brush, while the bacground is done with a fineliner, which creates more consistent lines. 

I tried to finish this drawing with Oskar on my lap. Then -I was nearly done-  he suddendly exersised his kicking moves and 'scratch', the paw of the little bear was gone... I know, it's my own fault. I think every mom has to learn by trail and error that baby's reserve the right to have your full attention. Always.

I was making an evening walk in the garden with Oskar on my arm, when suddenly something caught his attention. I looked up, and there sitting in the late afternoon sun, was a little robin singing his evening concert. It's so nice how a little child helps you to be aware of  the beautiful things in life.

Nearly finished...a sleepy bunny.