Winter green

I decorated our house with some winter green. Some branches I found at the park around the corner and some I bought at the local florist. I am still seeking for olive branches, but it turns out they are hard to find...

A winter themed collection. The card with the deer is from Lizzy Steward and the picture of the branches at the bottom left was taken by my husband.


All these vases are found at flea markets and second hand shops, they go so well together.

Most of these cushions I've made myself. They are made from fabrics from Atelier Brunette and the one with the reindeer pattern is made from Ikea fabric.


Even in our bedroom there is some green. I really love the Helleborus flower, unfortunately it's a plant who prefers to live outside, so every morning I place him at the windowsill of our bedroom.


Although it may look as if some of these photographs come from a magazine (at least, that's what I like to think), not all of our house is as tidy and finished as it looks here. That's the miracle of blogging. Life looks so much more organised and pretty! But if you could take a peek behind the scenes you would discover that our hallway is a jungle full of boxes, I am typing this post with the leg of my chair stuck in a hole in the ground (somebody took out a rotten wooden floor board and forgot to replace it) and our little garden is currently used as a garbage bin/storage space by our workmen.