Our home

Recently we bought a house in the village of our dreams. I am very happy about it, but at the same time I notice a certain sadness in my heart because we are currently living in the house were I grew up as a child. It's a charming old house with a big wild garden with a gipsy wagon in the back and it has so many memories. I am slowly saying goodbye to it and try to memorize all it's little details. I came accross this beautiful photographs of Oskars bedroom. Jonathan made them right after we finished it and a day later he was born! 

The room has a forest animal theme, bunnies, deers, foxes...

and offcourse a big friendly bear!

Some more vintage bears on a handmade wooden windowsill.

I also found these two photographs. I was heavily pregnant and heavily nesting: folding all the little baby clothes after they dried at the drying frame in our garden. Nice memories...

But offcourse I'm mostly excited about our new beginning. I look forward to design our new home, and I already  scketched nearly every room, including the furniture and decorations (: