One sketch a day, week two

Week two and already it has been hard to stick with it. Somedays I forgot to sketch and somedays I made two at once... But it's ok, as long as my book gets filled in the end.

1. A friend took Oskar for a walk and I could do an extra long yoga session! / 2. This was the week of the funny sleeping poses from Oskar. We found him on his belly, arms wide open, with his feet the wrong way up, with his hands and feet as far as possible trough the bars of his bed, curled up in a corner, like a cat and in much more impossible poses. / 3. The good weather is back! A day in the garden. / 4. Working and selling beautiful things. / 5. Making a new chalck drawing on the door from Wunderkammer. / 6. A new idea for a card? / 7. Dreaming away in a neighbourhood filled with beautiful houses.