The dreamlife no.11: The Greenhouse

I never had a green thumb really. Most plants who tried to live with me managed to stay alive for several months, but then I forgot to water them a couple of times and I found them back in a miserable state or worse. But this has changed recently. Since we moved we have a really tiny garden and I miss the green and nature that surrounded us in our last house,  so I try to bring more green in my life with plants. I have quite a collection of them now, and for now most of them are alive and kicking, my Pilea Pepperomioides even got some little Pilea babies recently! Now I am dreaming of a greenhouse full of beautiful home grown plants.

The dreamlife no.10 - indian summer

Every autumn I get a severe attack of Van Morrison craving. I listen to his music all the time, while dreaming of being in the Cotswolds in England (yes, I know he is Irish, but in my head his music blends perfectly with the Cotswolds and lots of sheep, I don't know why...). This year this craving came particularly early, already in the midst of august it hit me, so I had to make a little painting of it.

The dreamlife no.9 - Play store

As a kid I really liked to play store at home. I sold everything, going from fruits and vegetables, to animals (toys and alive ones) and things I collected around the house. The thing I liked most about it was arranging the goods nicely (this was a little bit harder to do with the alive animals). Nowadays I am sometimes still dreaming of having a little shop. But these days my merchandise would exist out of my illustrated goods combined with plants and some vintage items. And one sweet shop cat, but she wouldn't be for sale and she would stay nicely in place too!

The dreamlife no.8 Sleeping under the stars

I red somewhere in a magazine about a family who has a treehouse in their garden. In summer they often sleep all together underneath the stars with a big pile of cushions and blankets. This sounds so wonderful. It reminds me of when I was a child and I took every opportunity to sleep outside in a tent, a camp or sometimes even in a hammock, preferably with our bunnies, cat or dog by my side.

I am dreaming about someday having a big garden with a treehouse in the orchard where our family can spend the starry nights in. (Yes, and in my dreamlife I would have three children too) 

The dreamlife no.7 - Tranquility

Do you know that feeling when everything around you and inside yourself is quiet? No noises that bother you, no thoughts, no interpretations of the moment,  just simple being. Sometimes it comes to you naturally, but often when you need it the most, this state of being seems so hard to get. Often reading a book can do the trick for me. I love to read cookbooks or page trough a book about plants, just dreaming about trying a new recipe or how to turn your home into an urban jungle.