The dream life no. 1 The herb garden

This spring I was reading in a book about Carl Jung and I stumbled upon a very interesting passage. Once he was in his lake house in Geneva and he was struggling with some obstacle in his psyche. He couldn't overcome it. But then he discovered something, he started to do what he liked doing the most as a kid: he started to play again. After a while the obstacle in his psyche resolved by it self.

In my daily meditations I also struggled with some issues that were hard to overcome. I decided to take the advice of mr. Jung by heart and started to play as well. As a child I could draw meticulously for hours on what I called 'my dream life'. These drawings contained everything I dreamt of at that time, mostly all kinds of animals, tree houses in all kinds of shapes, gigantic pools with candy in them and (for some reason) a lot of pirates.

So this illustration is the first one in this series about my dream life. The pools and pirates are gone, but you will notice my love for tree houses/cabins and animals is still alive and kicking. This one is called 'The herb garden' and illustrates my desire for a simple life in nature.