Today I had a really nice meeting with Michael Niclaus and Kim Van Kuyk. Michael needed a new logo for his business De beste beslissing, so we brainstormed about some ideas and about much more too, very inspiring!

The remains of our little gathering...

Some sketches that I made for inspiration, it is going to be something completely different though.

Michael and me, advertising for la cabane.

Michael and me, advertising for la cabane.

And with Kim, the writer of Shanti.

Paper Cruise Publishers

Recently I made the logo for a new publisher company named Paper Cruise Publishers.

They wanted an illustration of a cruise ship made from paper, like the little boats you used to fold when you were a child. It was a bit of a challenge to make clear the cruiseship is made out of paper, so I added a couple of little paper boats as a referention.

A couple of sketches and studies.

And this is the final logo, painted in acrylics.

This little logo is meant to be on the side of books, so it had to be visible even if it's very small.

paper blog.jpg