No two cats are alike

These cute cats are sketches I've been making for the wedding invitation of my brother which I am designing. I wasn't completely satisfied with the first one I made, so I tried to slightly alter it a couple of times and it turns out it's very hard to draw two cats that are the same... I guess that's how it is in real life too: no two cats are alike.


One of my new years resolutions is to keep more plants (alive). The one on the first drawing is living with us for two months now and he still looks happy, so that's a start.

I am also discovering the therapeutic effect of drawing plants. Because I am still often tired from the remains of our Big Move, I have to rest a lot and lying on the sofa it is very calming to make a simple sketch of a plant, without any other purpose than just observing and drawing.

Happy New year

A happy, peaceful new year to you all!

I hope this year we can all live happily together and we can be more uncomplicated just like these sweet cats. 

I myself am very happy to have the company of our cat back. We moved her yesterday from our old house to our new one and she hasn't stopped purring ever since.